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About Us

We are a couple who have worked hard all our lives, brought up a family and now have six grandchildren and thought this would be the perfect time to ‘wind down’.  That was before we found Fia Cottage in need of a great deal of TLC.  The renovations works, done only in our spare time and as a hobby, took us over 7 years to complete.  During this time we realised that we were actually making another home, for use by ourselves, our daughters and their families .  All our own ideas and creativity went into it and the end result is Fia Cottage, our perfect ‘hame fae hame’.  The decor in Fia Cottage creates an ambiance of relaxation and regeneration combined with that ‘hame fae hame’ feel

We acquired Chalet 6 at a much later date, which was also in a state of disrepair and in need of our skills in restoration and refurbishment.  We gutted everything out and started again.  Everything is new from the attic bedroom downstairs to the new front door, with the maximum insulation behind the wall and under floor where there was previously none or very little.  This, teamed with the large windows, make the chalet very easy to heat and retain heat – the only fault in the summer months is trying to keep it cool.  The decor here is light and bright, but suits the character of each room and gives the feeling of being more spacious than it really is

We have stayed in cottages and B&Bs all over Scotland and Ireland and know exactly what we liked and didn’t like about these places.  Lumpy hard beds, poorly equipped kitchens and sometimes not even a washing machine; couches that sagged to the floor and tiny kitchen tables with not enough cooking equipment – we have experienced it all and were determined that Fia Cottage and the Chalet would be exactly what every traveller needs and wants, starting from the very basics – comfortable and clean surroundings

As a couple we enjoy playing music and play out and about throughout Shetland whenever we can along with friends.  Here is a sample of a tune I played along with Jenny Henry (both playing mandolins) – a lovely tune called the Pooka (think this means ‘Ghost Horse’) writen by the talented Simon Meyler from Dublin