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The Interesting History of Fia Cottage

Fia Cottage was built in 1898 and has had an interesting history.  It changed hands multiple times before we purchased it in March 2006

The property was originally built as a shop / post office to serve the local community of Quendale.  A telephone was installed around the early 1940s, one of the few telephones in the area at the time.  On 30th March 1942, during World War II, the phone was used to alert RAF Sumburgh that a bomber had crashed on the nearby Fitful Head

In 1968 the property was converted into a dwelling house with a small front porch.  The building then remained largely unchanged until we bought it in 2006.  Our renovation project then began and lasted eight years of our spare time

We have included some before and after photos of Fia Cottage when it was called Harpslyn

Some of the inside photos are not easily compared due to the change in room layout.  The kitchen sink area is now where the original old bathroom was and the single downstairs bedroom has now become the rest of the kitchen dining area

The old sitting room has now become the first part of the lounge area and around the corner past the fireplace, the new seating area was once the old kitchenette with room divided.  The old pantry cupboard has become the alcove with the alcove with table lamp